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Avoid Having To Smell The Putrid Stench Of Garbage Every Time You Lift Your Lid!

Summer is one of the best times to enjoy the outdoors.  Be it pool parties, barbecues or simple relaxing and basking in the warmer weather, it might possibly be the most fun of the entire year.  Yet, with those blazing temps comes a few unwanted side effects.  Namely, the scent of spoiled trash permeating your outdoor space or unknowingly sending an invitation to all of the vermin in a mile radius to come dig through your garbage.  There are definitely a few things you can do to eliminate odor and get back to enjoying your summer season in peace.  So, give that honker a rest and follow these quick tips!


Moist environments breed bacteria so make sure your trash cans or dumpsters are liquid free. Pour excess liquids down drains instead of in trash bags or dumpsters. If there IS liquid at the bottom of your bin, open the lids or doors and let it air out for a few days in dry temps. This might make the smell worse at first but the point is to dry up any liquids on the bottom, which will eliminate odors in the end. For inside garbage cans, line the bottom with newspaper. This will absorb any leaks or liquid so you can easily clean it up and stop odor before it starts.


Baking soda is your new best friend. Kitty litter and baking soda are fantastic partners because the litter soaks up the liquid while the soda annihilates the smell. A few cups of each should do it. For inside trash cans, you can add baking soda to a coffee filter and tie it closed with floss. Put it at the bottom of your trash can for a fresh, clean smelling can. You can also toss a dryer sheet or two in the bottom of your can to keep a fresh scent lingering.


You want to use thick garbage bags to eliminate the potential of bags tearing open in the dumpster and attracting pests such as cats, raccoons or mice. A bag that doesn’t leak also prevents excess mess and stink for you to have to clean up. To ward pests off of your garbage area, try using motion sensor lights to scare them or using oils such as peppermint around and in your can. This smell is quite repulsive to pests.


One of the easiest ways to deter pests and contain smells is to bag especially smelly foods separately. Using a throwaway container that you can seal or double bagging gross leftovers such as fish scraps, animal bones, spoiled dairy and fruit will go a long way in keeping odors at bay and not attracting vermin. Those endless plastic shopping bags that are stuffed into drawers or spilling out of your pantry? Yep – perfect for extra bagging of nasty trash. While a little bit more time consuming, you can begin to compost. This is a much better alternative for the environment and definitely prevents critters and odors from overtaking your home. Keeping it all in a well-contained area or composting bin is a great way to handle all of those otherwise disgusting foods that stink up your trash cans.

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