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It’s hard to imagine that there could be so many terms for something so simple.

A dumpster.

This is what we know it as in the States.  A dumpster rental which we can fill until our heart’s content and have someone else pick up our rubbish and transport it to the proper facility to be disposed of.  Yet, when you travel overseas, asking for a dumpster might have you on the receiving end of some odd looks.  We are so accustomed to that phrase that many of us may not realize that every region has their own code and slang for everyday items.  Even the most mundane items can sound exotic depending on where you travel to.

In America, the word dumpster is a mix of the name of the men who created modern dumpster rentals and the word “dump.” In 1935, the Dempster brothers created a new waste disposal system  where containers could be loaded onto the back of garbage trucks and trademarked the name dumpster.  It caught on like wildfire and this is what Americans have come to call the container that hauls off massive loads of trash and debris.  This also explains why other countries may not refer to it as such – it’s an American brand name for a specific design.

While many countries still use the term dumpster – kind of how Kleenex has become commonplace for tissue or Frisbee for flying discs – some regions have more popular terms.  For instance, England calls them skips and Australia calls them skip bins.  Here are a few other popular names for Dumpsters from around the world…

  • Bins or Commercial Bins
  • Outside Bins
  • Industrial Wheelie Bins
  • RORO Skips (Roll On/Roll Off)
  • Debris Box
  • Rubbish Skip
  • Mobile Garbage Bin

So many terms for a simple container!  So, in case you hit any trivia nights, remember that Dumpster is a brand turned into a household name just like: Popsicle, Xerox, Escalator, Thermos, Laundromat, JumboTron and Zamboni.  Yep, those are NOT actually what those devices are called.  Still, sounds A LOT better than frozen ice treat on a stick, photocopier, conveyor transport device, vacuum flask, coin laundry shop, large-screen television and ice resurfacer.

Keep your mobile garbage bin, I’ll take the dumpster!

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