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Winter Garbage Pick Up

With a Midwestern winter comes piles of snow that can practically bring an entire city to a standstill.  Regardless of weather, certain essential functions still attempt to run and keep consumers from being cut off completely.  One of those is your garbage and dumpster rental pick up.  It doesn’t matter if you’re renting a dumpster or simply waiting for your weekly trash pick up, there are some valuable tips to keep in mind, especially during blizzard-like conditions.

Dig Out – When an area gets pounded with snow, it can accumulate quickly.  It isn’t always feasible to keep up with it and you end up with snow drifts and mounds higher than your head.  Either the night before pick up or in the early morning, dig out a spot for your trash bins.  Make sure there is no snow between your bins and the street so a waste management worker or the vehicle itself can easily access them.

In many cities around the U.S., if you don’t dig your cans out and workers can’t reach it, they will likely pass you up.  Some cities have a process where they tag your cans and a crew comes around to dig out your cans so they can be emptied.  Keep in mind, they will charge you a fee to do so.

For dumpster rentals, clear a path wide enough for a large truck to use so the dumpster driver can access it.  Also clear around the dumpster to reduce obstacles and debris from interfering with a smooth pick up.

Where To Stick It – When it comes to your regular garbage service, NEVER put the cans on the street.  This becomes a hazard for vehicles and snow plows.  Snow plows will also likely run them over or knock them out of the way which may cause a giant mess.  Definitely do NOT place your cans on top of snow piles.  Snow melts and shifts which can cause a can to come crashing down, creating a mess and possibly injuring those nearby.  It’s also extremely hard for a garbage truck to put the cans back down if there are snow piles.

When it comes to dumpster rentals, you will most likely have them in the street or on your driveway.  It may be easier to dig a dumpster out when it’s in your driveway because anything on the street is likely to get buried by snow plow trucks.  If that is the case, you may want to consider hiring a snow removal service to bring down the snow walls.  You can also call your dumpster service and find out what your options are.  Some may dig it out for a fee, others might give you a few extra days at no cost due to extreme weather.  It never hurts to ask!

Salt For Safety – One of the best things you can do for yourself and any garbage workers or dumpster drivers is to put salt down after you shovel.  Put it down in front of garbage cans and around your dumpster to reduce the risk of workers falling and injuring themselves.

Snowy Streets by Sabrina Ithal

Proper Prep – To increase the likelihood that your garbage will be picked up, you can prep it before you take it to the curb.  First and foremost, always use garbage bags!  Trash collectors will NOT dig into your can to try and pry off loose trash that has frozen to the bottom. For all of your cans, keep the lids CLOSED.  Open cans accumulate snow which can make them too heavy.

Consider getting a cheap tarp and some bungee cords from your local home improvement store.  Putting a temporary lid over your dumpster rental during snow storms or when it isn’t in use will keep out the water which can add significant weight.  This can cause you to have a heavy dumpster and pay extra fees for overfill.  Keep costs low and put a lid on it.

Expect Delays – If you find it hard to travel in blizzard conditions, consider how difficult it is for those who work in it.  Be patient and expect delayed service.  Do NOT contact the trash service until after 3 pm or the next day.  You have to give the company time to service their routes.  If your trash still isn’t collected by the next day, speak with them about options and estimated pick up.  Keep an eye out for emails or alerts from the county or dumpster service.  They may be informing you of a delay or service cancellation.

Your dumpster service is far more likely to retrieve your rental within a reasonable time frame.  It may take them a little bit to get to you but they will.  If they can’t, or the weather is too unsafe to be out, they will contact you.

After Pick Up – For garbage service, retrieve your cans as soon as possible.  Now that they are empty, they pose a risk of being blown over into the street creating an obstacle for drivers and pedestrians.  They may also be in the way of snow removal trucks.

For dumpster rentals, that’s it.  Once your dumpster has been picked up, you’re set and there’s really nothing left to do but stay inside bundled up and binge on that new television show you’ve been wanting to see.

Following these precautions will go a long way in keeping workers and others safe and can help you avoid having to pay fees.  Keep in mind that a blizzard or white-out conditions pose a severe risk to everyone and can delay or even halt service.  Be patient, help the crews out a bit and you’ll have your dumpster or garbage picked up as soon as feasible.

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