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Green Halloween

Make Space and Reduce Waste!



Get a group together and swap costumes and accessories so you don’t have to buy costumes in harmful plastics.

Raid closets and thrift stores to make creative outfits such as a Prom Date Ghost.


Walk, carpool or bike to favorite trick-or-treat spots.

Reuse cloth bags, backpacks, pillowcases or anything eco-friendly as a candy bag.

Bring an extra bag for any trash along the way – you can even make a game out of who collects the most discarded candy wrappers.

When passing out candy, consider wrappers that can be recycled, like Hershey Kisses, or even non-candy items such as cans of pop, crafts, organic granola bars, pencils or erasers.


Instead of paper invites, use emails or texts.

Use recyclable plates, cups, pans and foil and keep a recycling bin within eyesight of party guests.

Smaller parties can even use real dishes and cloth napkins to reduce waste.

Only use decorations you can keep for years to come or borrow them from neighbors, family and friends. You can even look on Craigslist or similar garage sale sites to see if you can get decor at cheaper prices.


Eat: Everything on a pumpkin is edible so roast the seeds or use the flesh to puree into pies, sauces, soups and other snacks.

Seeds: You can plant the seeds and grow your own pumpkins for next year.

Compost: Put discarded pumpkin in a sunny corner of your yard, slice them up and cover them with leaves. Host a neighborhood compost party where families can smash their pumpkins and have music, treats and warm drinks.

Recycling: Ask your village about pumpkin recycling programs.



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