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Bolingbrook Dumpster Tip 65
Take Care In How You Dispose Of Those Holiday Gift Boxes By Breaking Them Down And Stashing At The Bottom Of Trash Cans Otherwise You Might Be Making A Shopping List For Thieves.

Being caught up in the spirit of giving, family and festivities, you may not realize that what you toss in your trash might be making you a target for criminals.  Thieves drive around after Christmas and observe the trash for Kindle, iPad, TV, Computer, Power Tool and other electronic boxes.  They also make note of other items and what they may lead to.  For instance, a box for an office chair could mean there is a nice, new expensive computer nearby.  The risk isn’t there with the first trash cycle – thieves will watch garbage for weeks after Christmas in case the homeowners try to distribute the trash over time or take a bit to toss out those magical boxes.

In order to reduce the risk of having your home targeted, here are a few tips to guard that trash:

– Take all of your holiday cardboard straight to a recycling facility.  Be sure that your address isn’t visible on anything.  If it is, remove the stickers or use a pair of scissors to scratch out the info.

– Break all of your boxes down and smash them to the bottom of your trash cans.  Thieves are more likely to do a slow drive by than get elbows deep into your trash.  It also keeps those who DO lift your trash lids from seeing what is all the way at the bottom.

– You may want to consider tearing those electronic boxes into smaller pieces so it’s hard to decipher what that item may have been.

– Do NOT post your new gifts online.  It may seem fun to share your happiness on social media but you never know who is looking at those pics or who is looking through your friend’s Facebook account.  Posting those holiday gifts lets everyone know what is in your home.

– Do NOT post pictures of you on vacation for the holiday until AFTER you come back.  We have a strong inclination to post while we’re doing something but this simply alerts the world that while you are snorkeling in Maui, your home is vacant and waiting to be tossed.  When you get back, share all the pics you want.  If you absolutely must share vacay pics while away, do it privately via text and only send it to people you trust beyond a shadow of doubt.

While nothing can absolutely guarantee a break-in never occurs, these steps can help you significantly reduce the risk.  Always think safe and use smart practices when posting online.

Our Dumpster Tip of the Week is Courtesy of the Bolingbrook Dumpster Rental Service! Thanks, Gang!

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