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Why Rent A Dumpster In Winter?
Renting a dumpster in Merrillville, Indiana is easy.  Renting a dumpster during winter in Merrillville, Indiana is even easier.  Hear me out…
While everyone knows that winter in the Midwest can bring brutal snow storms and sub-zero temps, not all of winter is like this.  For those who have lived in this area for a stretch, you have become accustomed to it and understand how to navigate it better than most.  There are definite reasons why renting a dumpster in the winter almost trumps any other time of the year.  Let’s explore them…
BETTER SELECTION – Since the majority of people wait until better weather to tackle projects requiring a dumpster, you have your pick of the litter, so to speak.  All sizes and types should be available and you won’t have to worry about them hounding you to return it fast as they might do during peak rental season.
BETTER PRICING – During slow seasons, dumpster rental companies are more likely to negotiate better pricing, especially the locally owned and operated shops.  They understand that the dumpsters aren’t in high demand during this short time period and are more likely to work out better pricing, or perhaps even better terms, to get that container rented.  All you can do is call around to different rental companies and ask.
NEITHER SNOW… – It would take extreme weather on a massive scale for a dumpster rental company to NOT be able to deliver.  Natural disasters or emergency situations would be the only likely reasons a dumpster would not be delivered to you or picked up.  Otherwise, you can count on them to be there when you need them.
CLEAR SCHEDULE – Since many people are waiting until the Spring to begin home improvement or clean out projects, you aren’t fighting for space on the rental schedule.  You can have a dumpster delivered to you whenever you need it and not have to wait for one to become ready.
SAFETY – A large concern about renting a dumpster during the winter is safety.  If you read our guide, Renting A Dumpster In Winter, you will understand how to create a safe environment in which you can use your dumpster successfully.  By taking the time to implement these safety tips, such as clearing snow from around your dumpster or salting the path to and around it, you can navigate the harsh weather and finish your project.
EXCESS WEIGHT CHARGE – Another concern about renting in the winter is that the snow and ice will get into the dumpster and add extra weight once it melts.  This is easy to overcome.  If you put a cheap tarp over the top of your dumpster and affix it with bungee cords, you can keep the majority of snow and rain out.  You can also plan your rental after a large snow storm is set to hit the area so you aren’t stuck with a rental in the middle of it.  Most dumpster rental companies will often take weather into account and only charge you for the space you’ve used.  Inquire about this before you book your dumpster.

With a focus on safety and the fact that it’s the off season for rental companies in the upper Midwest, scheduling a dumpster is even better than usual.  You have ample time and plenty of great quality products to choose from.  Any safety or delivery delay issues are easily combated and you have plenty of ways to keep the snow away.  Now’s the time to get a jump on home projects before the warmer weather thaws the Merrillville and surrounding suburbs out and has everyone ready to tackle those spring cleaning lists!

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