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How To Load Your Dumpster For Safe Transport

It Doesn’t End When They Haul It Away

When you load debris during a project, be aware of how you are placing it into the dumpster.  Preparing during the process can save you from having the dumpster pose a safety hazard or produce a mess when it is set to be hauled away.

  • Dumpster Door – If your dumpster has a door or gate on it, make sure it is properly latched before it is hauled off.  This prevents the door from flying open during transport and having debris pour onto the street or dump onto cars and pedestrians creating a life-threatening hazard.
  • Overfilling – Never fill debris past the edges of the dumpster walls.  During transport, these items can shift and fly out onto roadways or at people and cars creating the potential for a serious accident.  In most states, it is illegal to haul away an overfilled dumpster and you will have to remove rubbish until it reaches a safe level.
  • Weight Distribution – Be sure to spread the weight of your debris around the dumpster evenly.  If heavy items are only on one side of the dumpster, during transport, the container could shift to one side spilling out debris everywhere or putting strain on the vehicle and potentially causing it to lean.  This could cause severe property damage and accidents.

Cleaning Up Flying Debris Will Cost You TIME and MONEY

Hazardous Materials

Sure, you aren’t throwing out glowing, radioactive waste barrels but there are household materials considered too dangerous to haul away.

  • Cleaners
  • Paint
  • Pesticides
  • E-Waste

Light objects can fly out of a dumpster in motion.  Put light items underneath or wedged between heavy debris.  These are items such as cardboard, Styrofoam or paper.


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