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Cool Wrapping Paper Ideas

Reduce the amount of trash churning through our landfills and create less of a burden on our lungs, the planet and our wallets!


Save gift bags, boxes and tissue paper for next season. Avoid putting stickers or writing on new wrapping paper and you can trim the edges to renew for another year. Don’t toss out the wrap that fragile items come in through the mail or stores. You can use this to stuff gift bags or even make festive wrap.


You can use colorful pages from comic books, magazines or newspapers to create unique wrapping paper. Use the comic section of your local paper and most folks will get a kick out of reading some of their faves while they wait to open presents! Encyclopedia and dictionary pages or even old maps make neat wrappings as well.


Use old mason jars or glass bottles to create gifts such as a hot cocoa mix, a homemade candle, a baking mix, lotion or body scrub. You can even use old gift tags or scratch paper and, with colored pencils, stickers and/or markers, make unique labels for your concoctions. If there are instructions on how to use the item, you can write them on there.


Take a fashion scarf, handkerchief, small tote bag, drawstring backpack, etc. to wrap up your gift. Not only will they enjoy the gift but they can use what it is wrapped in as well. It’s two gifts in one. Wrapping with this creates an interesting visual that is sure to impress. For bag items, try wrapping bows or curl ribbon around the handles.


Throughout the year, collect things such as the brown packing paper that mail packages come in, string, ribbons, etc. You can draw or paint designs on the paper to liven it up or even paste old photographs on it. By taking a few minutes to create something from your heart, the recipient will derive joy, not just from the gift, but from the time you spent making it special for them.

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